The Firm of Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs, P.A. is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards.  Our reputation of providing excellent service to our clients is a high priority and it is essential that our clients who use our services do so with complete confidence in the integrity of those with whom they deal with in our Firm.  The professional and ethical conduct of all of our Associates is fundamental to the continued success of our Firm. The appearance of a conflict of interest may be just as damaging to the Firm’s reputation as a real conflict of interest and maybe difficult to discern.  Our Associates are always expected to objectively assess their actions periodically to determine whether a reasonable, disinterested observer or client representative would have grounds to believe a conflict of interest exists.

Therefore, all of our Associates will at a minimum:

  • Act with honesty and integrity; maintain high standards of personal conduct; avoid threatening, intimidating, or offensive action with any representative associated with the client.
  • Act in good faith, responsibly, with due care, competence, and with diligence.
  • Seek to promote ethical and honest behavior among subordinates and peers.
  • Share knowledge and maintain skills important and relevant to the client’s needs.
  • Conduct themselves in a professional business manner at all times.
  • Act without allowing one’s independent judgment to be impaired.
  • Not offer any services the client does not need for the sake of obtaining a fee.
  • Never agree with a competitor to restrict competition by fixing prices, allocating markets, or any other unethical behavior.
  • Comply with the rules and regulations of the federal, state, and local governments and other appropriate private and public regulatory agencies.
  • Not benefit, directly or indirectly, from their position as a representative of our firm from any transaction or relationship with the client.
  • Respect the confidentiality of the client’s information entrusted to them and to prevent the unauthorized disclosure of such information.
  • Use personal information obtained from the Credit Union only for the purposes for which it was originally obtained. 

Any failure to comply with the Firm’s policies and procedures will result in disciplinary action, ranging from a reprimand to dismissal and/or possibility of civil and criminal prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.  Our Firm has zero tolerance for any abuse or violations of our Firm’s ethical policy and procedures.

Anyone who has reason to believe that there has been any violation should contact the Partners of our Firm.

The Partners of Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs