Protecting information and using it in a manner consistent with our client's expectations is a high priority for everyone associated with our firm.  Not only is it what you expect, it's the right way to conduct business.  Although technology has changed the way information is gathered, used, and stored, the importance of preserving the confidentiality of information remains a core value to us and is the responsibility of every Associate of the firm.

Why You Are Receiving This Notice
You are receiving this privacy notice because you are either a client of Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs & Consultants, P.A., doing business as Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs, P.A. or you are considering becoming our client.  This notice describes Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs, P.A.’ practices and policies concerning your information.

Who We Are
Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs, P.A. partners with credit unions across the country to develop strategic solutions to your consulting and auditing needs.  Our services include certified audits; internal auditing; pension audits;  ACH and BSA compliance audits; strategic planning, and much, much more!

How We Safeguard Your Information
In accordance with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, our firm only collects the information necessary to conduct business.  We understand the need for confidentiality of your Credit Union's records and the privacy of your members' information. Our firm protects this information.  We restrict access to those employees who need to know that information to provide services to you.  We maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards to provide reasonable assurance that Credit Union and member information in our files and computers is protected.  Our firm's hiring and training practices ensure these procedures are carried out to protect your information. 

We maintain strong security controls to ensure that Credit Union and member information in our files and computers is protected.  We acknowledge the importance of maintaining  the security and confidentiality of the information and agree to take all steps reasonably necessary to prevent the unauthorized disclosure or use of the information and to prevent the information from entering the public domain or being accessed by third parties.

We will destroy or dispose of any member information in accordance with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) regulations.  We have developed appropriate measures for the proper disposal of consumer/member information.  Appropriate measures may include, but are not exclusive of 1) burning, pulverizing, or shredding papers containing consumer information so the information cannot be practically read or reconstructed and/or 2) destroying or erasing electronic media containing consumer/member information so the information cannot be practically read or reconstructed.

In the event of any unauthorized access to your confidential information, we have developed an incident response program.  We will notify the Credit Union by the fastest reasonable means possible so the Credit Union can implement its own response plan.

How We Collect Information
We treat the information we gather about your Credit Union and its members in a confidential manner.  We collect this information from the Credit Union itself, regulatory authorities, and third parties the Credit Union does business with.  Some of the information we collect may include:

·       Member share and loan account information.
·     Financial data.
·     Investment information.
·     Website, network, and other information related to your information systems.

How We Share Information
A.         With Other Service Providers, Contractors, and Specialists
During the course of providing specific services to you, we may disclose your information to third-party contractors.  Our agreements with these third parties require them not to disclose, publish, or otherwise reveal any of the confidential information received from you unless authorized to do so by us in writing.  In addition, our third-party contractors must secure, return, or destroy any information received from your Credit Union.  We obtain written assurance from any applicable third parties in reference to the work performed at your Credit Union.  At all times, if any information is disclosed to third parties, we will inform your Credit Union of this disclosure.

B.         With Regulatory Authorities
As required by NCUA Regulation and state regulatory agencies where applicable, we will make our complete set of workpapers available to the Examiners upon request for their regulatory oversight purposes.  The Examiners will have complete, unconditional and unrestricted access to our workpapers as it relates to the engagement.  All files are maintained on our secure premises.  It is our policy to keep records related to an engagement for a minimum of five years or longer depending on individual state requirements.  However, Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs, P.A. does not keep any original client records, so we will return those to you at the completion of the services rendered. 

C.        Other Third Parties
Our firm complies with the standards and membership rules of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).  To maintain our firm's good standing with the AICPA, we participate in the AICPA's Peer Review Program.  A peer review is an “audit” of our system of quality control.  It provides assurance that the firm's policies and procedures comply with applicable professional standards.  During this tri-annual peer review, we may disclose the Credit Union's information to the peer reviewer; however, peer reviews are conducted in a way that protects CPA-client confidences, so your information is protected.

In addition, we may have to disclose your Credit Union's information in order to comply with federal, state, or local laws.  However, we will notify your Credit Union of any such disclosures.

You Have A Choice
We recognize that you have a choice as to what firm provides consulting and auditing services to your Credit Union.  Part of your choice may be based on the trust you place in our firm to properly handle your confidential information.  This notice is our commitment to you that we will protect and disclose that information as described above.