At Nearman, Maynard, Vallez, CPAs, P.A., we offer a wide variety of services and products to assist credit unions in accomplishing their goals. In addition to annual auditing services, we offer an assortment of services in the internal audit, compliance, and operational fields.

Many of our credit unions clients also depend on us for advice on developing effective accounting systems, maximizing operating results, understanding the constantly changing compliance regulations, and resolving various management problems. These operational and compliance issues can affect a credit union's ability to keep the credit union running smoothly and efficiently and to provide immediate service to their membership. Our Associates will provide an informed, consistent approach to help you effectively manage these issues.


  • Certified Audits

    A clean unmodified opinion is the Accounting Profession's definition that your financial statements do not contain material errors or misstatements. However, the goal of our audit is not just to meet regulatory requirements, but to form a long-lasting partnership by putting our experience and industry knowledge to work for you.

  • Supervisory Committee Guide Audits

    For those clients who do not require a certified audit, we can perform a Supervisory Committee Guide Audit. Although this type of audit does not offer an opinion, it does satisfy the minimum requirement for the Supervisory Committee to comply with regulatory agencies.

  • Pension Plan Audits

    The Department of Labor (DOL) and the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) are the government mandates for a pension plan audit. Generally, plans with 100 participants at the beginning of the plan year are required to file as a “large” plan which triggers the audit requirement.

  • Consulting

    On occasion the firm is requested to provide diverse accounting and management consulting professional services to credit union clients and non-clients alike. Some of these services include internal auditing services, compliance audits, fraud audits, etc. These services are usually treated as separate engagements and may be charged on a per-hour or fixed-fee basis depending on the specific requirements.